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The Bible Main portal articles about the Bible or having lots of Bible quotes.
Biblical Interpretation How are we to interpret scripture? Guidelines. Main portal to articles about this topic.
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Commentaries Over the years I've commented on various books of the Bible, some of them several times.
Hermeneutics A seven-article series on the topic of Biblical interpretation.
Literal vs. Figurative There are clearly many figurative passages in the Bible. But how are we to know which passages are to be interpreted literally and which figuratively?
The Bible The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God — but it is not the only word of God
Literal Interpretation My view that we should interpret the Bible literally.
Typology In my mind, typology is merely a way to pretend that your interpretation of an Old Testament passage is literal when it is, in fact, allegorical.
Biblical Archaeology It is common today that there is skepticism regarding the historicity of the Old Testament. In his book "Pharaohs and Kings," David Rohl demonstrates that the Old Testament historical narratives are supported with archaeological evidence.
The Bible The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God, but it is not the only word of God.
Bible Supports Catholicism Many Bible quotes.
Inerrancy of Bible Discussion of the doctrine of Inerrancy in the context of the debate between Protestants and Catholics.
Gay Marriage What the Bible has to say
Homosexuality What the Bible has to say
Interpret the Bible Literally We should interpret the Bible strictly literally.