About Me A brief religious chronology. Main portal to articles about this topic
My Conversion to Catholicism To explain why I became a Catholic. I wrote this testimony for my Protestant friends so they would understand my conversion.
Statement Of Faith What I believe regarding the Christian faith.
The Church Refreshed My perspective on the Church and Christianity.
My Philosophy I am a committed Christian who is accepting of others' beliefs and faith.
What I Believe Still a Spirit-filled, born-again, conservative Christian.
Lamentations What I believe about the claims of the Catholic Church after having been Catholic for seven years.
My Faith Journey In these articles I explain to myself and the whole world what I believe and why.
Return to Catholicism I return to the Catholic Church.
Chronicle of North Forest Web Site The stages of my Web Site; why it is so colorful; why it is so hard to organize the material.
My current view 100% Catholic (after a 6-year long investigation of Catholic problems leading to developing the proto-Protestant One Apostolic Church.)
My View of Everything With an emphasis on controversial Catholic topics.
My Views My views on various Christian topics.
What Is Next? Before I became Catholic again.
What Drives Me I have sympathy for non-Catholics.
Why I can never be Lutheran I wanted to be but couldn't.
Statement of Faith What I Believe