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Philosophy and the Soul Tenets of my view. Reflections on the soul and on life.
One Apostolic Church Main portal to articles about this topic. My model for a new kind of church:
  • not Protestant (because it isn't based on Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide)
  • not Catholic (because it rejects apostolic succession, the priesthood, and the hierarchy of bishops)
Christian authority is apostolic truth from the Bible, Early Church Fathers, and early Church Councils.
One Church In these articles I discuss my conclusions about Christianity, the church, the truth.
I Believe In these articles I explain to myself and the whole world what I believe and why.
My Visions Ideas of mine which are unique (or at least unusual or rare)
The Church Refreshed Various recent articles.
My Musings Speculative home-grown theology. Please don't take it too seriously.
About Me My Christian journey, what I believe and why.
Spoken Audio Link to MP3 files in which I tell the world my views.
Bible The Bible, the trustworthiness of the Bible, and Biblical interpretation.
Bible Verses Articles having many Bible quotations.
Christian Life Living this life as a Christian.
The Church Articles with an emphasis on the Church: what it is, what is should be, what it has been.
Church History Many episodes of Church History and the effects of Christianity today.
Cultural A variety of articles about the culture, society, environmentalism, Christian perspectives, parenting, and psychology
Ecumenical Christians should stop fighting with each other and realize that the Church founded by Christ is united.
Eschatology End time prophecy; my view. Many articles with analysis of many Bible verses (I'm tempted to say all Bible verses).
House Church My views of the house church / home church movement and its historical justification.
Moral Theology Includes Moral Theology, Ethics, Right vs. Wrong, the Virtues, Vices, and other related topics.
My Ideas Ideas I've thought of that are unique or unusual.
My Music Original Christian songs and acoustic guitar pieces.
Philosophy Two topics: (1) philosophy, and (2) my alternate views of philosophy.
Protestant Errors Unfortunately, in responding to the abuses and corruptions of the Catholic Church the Protestant Reformers made many errors. Many of these have been passed-down to the various Protestant churches of today.
Psychology My dabblings with the topic of Psychology from a Christian perspective.
Relationship with Jesus Devotions, prayers, and Bible verses.
Science and the Bible Evolution, Biblical Archaeology, the origin of life, Adam and Eve, the Genesis Flood, astronomy.
Creationism The ongoing debate about the origin of life, evolution, the origin of man, Adam and Eve, the age of the earth and universe, and Noah's Flood.
My songs and acoustic guitar pieces MP3 files