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Doctrine doctrine, the development of doctrine, and the effect of particular doctrines on Christianity.
Defending the Catholic Church I believe the Catholic Church got a lot right, but unfortunately, some aspects are indefensible.
Catholic Foundations The foundations of Catholicism and on living as a Catholic.
Catholic Problems Sadly, there are all too many.
The Church Articles with an emphasis on the Church: what it is, what is should be, what it has been.
Church Councils The first seven ecumenical councils and the twenty-one Catholic ecumenical councils.
Church History Many episodes of Church History and the effects of Christianity today.
Early Church Fathers Articles containing quotations from the Early Church Fathers up to about 400 A.D.
Church Historians Articles with quotations from historians.
Papal Encyclicals Encyclicals and quotations from encyclicals and other papal documents.
Protestant Errors Unfortunately, in responding to the abuses and corruptions of the Catholic Church the Protestant Reformers made many errors. Many of these have been passed-down to the various Protestant churches of today.
Protestant Reformation the history and effects of the Protestant Reformation.
Protestant Reformers About the views and teachings of the Protestant Reformers and those who were influenced by them.