My Conclusions

The house church is an alternate form of church experience (also called a home church).

Although I support the home church movement, I'm unwilling to say that the home church model is the best, or that it is the only model endorsed by the Bible.

My main objections to the house church movement are the same objections I have of the institutional churches — the emphasis is not on:

Rather, the emphasis of many house church groups is on:

People often say that the reason that people met in houses in the early apostolic church was to avoid persecution. I see no evidence of this being the reason. The only persecution at this time came from Jews, yet Christians were apparently allowed to attend the synagogue and even to speak in the synagogue.

It is likely that there were no large buildings available to the early Christians, so they met in homes.

It is not true that the apostolic house church had no leaders. In every case there was an elder (presbyter) in charge.

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Bible quotes on the topic of the house church. More about the early church as a house church.

Home Bible Community — My House Church model.

What is a house church?

What . . .

Why . . .

The issues . . .

Why people choose home church


My Conclusions

After careful deliberation I have come to believe . . .

Sometimes home church is — but shouldn't be . . .

But it should be . . .

A reactionary movement?

Is the institutional church anti-Biblical?

Problems with this view:

Is the house church movement anti-authoritarian?

It has that tendency. But not all house churches are anti-authoritarian, some are merely against the traditional church clergy.

Is the house church the New Testament model?

Some say that only home church fits the New Testament model, but — here are passages that say otherwise.

Controversial issues

Church Authority

Authority of the Apostles. There are many Biblical examples of this — here are a few:

Authority of the elders:

Authority to manage

Emphasis on money

It is Biblical to consider money issues in ministry. Yet I believe the issue is often overemphasized.

Payment of church leaders . . .

Money for buildings and programs . . .

That there are different rules for ministers . . .

Church Leadership

Church leaders are commanded to be good managers

Is the New Testament church model normative for all times?

If so then we should have everything in common.

All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. (Acts 2:44,45)

Few house church proponents suggest we do this.

Analysis of Issues

Strengths of traditional churches

There are many . . .

Many traditional churches . . .

Limitations of traditional churches

Why people might be attracted to a home church instead . . .

Problems with emphasis . . .

Strengths of house churches

There are some . . .

Limitations of house churches

Can a house church do this?

Potential problems

The host home

For the house church leader

The cost of starting a house church

Everything has its price . . .

The future of your home church

What happens when your house church grows to be too large?

What happens when another person in your home church acquires the leadership skills and desire to lead your group?

What happens when your loyal home church members change their mind and decide they want to join a local "institutional" church that has more programs (such as children's church, youth group, worship team)?