Were they premillenial?

Many premillennialists insist the Early Church Fathers were premillennialists. Not so, as I demonstrate.

Links to passages of their writingsand a summary

I analyzed the end-time viewpoint of 31 Early Church Fathers up to and including Augustine. The results...

10 were premillennial and 5 (or more) were amillennial.

13 were NOT premillennial and 7 were NOT amillennial.

I should note that those who were premillennial did not teach modern premillennialism at all; in fact, if they were teaching their views today they would be mocked and derided,so you can't use them to support this view.



Total — 31


Since this study was not to determine if a writer was amillennial there are more entries under "other" then there might be otherwise.


Total — 31

The Numbers

Here are the details...

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