Of Early Church Fathers...

The ideas about premillennialism of the Early Church Fathers(of those who taught it) was very different from modern premillennialism. In fact, they would be thrown out of church on their ear today; their ideas flatly rejected by these same modern premillennialists who use them to support their views. This is madness!

Here are these ideas...

Papias | Justin Martyr | Aviricius Marcellus | Tertullian | Hippolytus | Cyprian | Commodianus | Lactantius

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6,000 Yearsof Human History

The notion of 6,000 years of human history based on each day of creation representing 1,000 years began to appear in the writings of the Early Church Fathersafter 130 A.D., about the same time the notion began appearing in Jewish writings.

The date of creation according to one rabbinic school is 3761 B.C. so there are still perhaps several hundred years left until the 6,000 years are over.

The scientific evidence testifies of the earth and the universe as very old;this contradicts the whole scheme.

This idea originated with the Jewswho interpreted the 6 days of creation as 1,000 year periods of time. The 7th "day of rest" therefore is the 1,000 yearmillennium.

The Early Church Fathers who used this idea as a basis for their belief in premillennialism are...

Barnabas | Irenaeus | Aviricius Marcellus | Commodianus |
Lactantius | Hippolytus | Cyprian

The End Would Come Soon 

Several of the early church fathers declared the end would come at a certain time, but it didn't. This idea was foundational to their premillennial concept, so if they were wrong about that they were wrong about other aspects of their end-time viewpoint.



What the Church Fathers Believed


Justin Martyr

Aviricius Marcellus