End-time views

The end-time viewpoint of Cyprian who wrote around 258 A.D.

Cyprian was the Bishop of Carthage in North Africa during severe persecution of Christians leading to martyrdom for many.

Probably believed in a 1,000 yearmillennium. However, he made two serious mistakes: (1) refers to 6,000 yearsof human history and (2) believed that the end of the world would come soon (which it didn't).

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The Treatises of Cyprian

Treatise XI — Exhortation to Martyrdom, Addressed to Fortunatus.

Chapter 2

It is an ancient adversary and an old enemy with whom we wage our battle: six thousand yearsare now nearly completed since the devil first attacked man.

Chapter 10

 . . . as the first seven days in the divine plan containing seven thousand years.