The various biblical quotations about end time topics each have their own emphasis and purpose; I highlight a few of the most important.

The Book of Revelation

I've written extensively about this book...

In my view the book of Revelation is not a play-by-play chronological account of yet-future events; rather, it is a series of vignettes addressing topics important to the readers and hearers of the day...

The Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24)

Jesus answers the disciples' questions...

Some systems of Eschatology (such as pre-millennial or preterist) claim that a literal interpretation demands this account be strictly chronological, however, these systems contradict one another and have arbitrary lapses into figurative interpretation.

The Forged Letter (2 Thessalonians 2)

Paul writes this chapter to clear up some confusion regarding the meaning of the "day of the Lord".This passage can be used to support various end time views and requires lengthy analysis and discussion.


The various chapters of Daniel address a wide range of topics but surprisingly there is little about yet-future events.In my opinion the many views emphasizing yet-future events are just plain wrong.

Old Testament Prophecies

Many of the Old Testament prophets wrote passages concerning the final judgment of the world. There is nothing particularly controversial in these passages and they easily harmonize with various end-time views.

Certain prophetic passages are interpreted by premillennialists as applying to a yet-future physical millennial kingdom. I reject these interpretations.