Ezekiel chapters 40–48,38and 39.Here's what I discuss in this article...

In my view, the correct teaching of Ezekiel chapters 40–48requires a strictly literal interpretation.Why would 9 chapters having the most minute detail of architectural design and land settlement be merely an extended allegory?It just doesn't make sense. Thus, these descriptions are literal descriptions of conditions in Israel in the new heavens and new earth.

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Ezekiel's Temple

Outline of Ezekiel 40–48

Purpose of the Vision

Ezekiel received this vision from the Lord for the exiles who would return to the land. It was to be their marching orders since it concerned...

  1. How to construct the temple
  2. How to set up their government
  3. The regulations for choosing priests
  4. How they should divide up the land

If they had followed this prophecy from the Lord he would have honored his role by inhabiting the temple and blessing them. Instead, these promises have been applied "spiritually", meaning, they will be fulfilled in the new heavens and new earth.Chapters 47 and 48 have similar images as the book of Revelation chapters 21and 22.

Ezekiel 38 and 39

Usually Premillennialistsinterpret the prophecies in these chapters as still-future, but have different views on nearly every aspect including the actors, timing, and precipitating events.

Some possibilities of when these chapters were fulfilled...