According to me, error and absurdity rules the realm of biblical end time prophecy. In these many articles I discuss it all...

  1. Various topics (see menu sidebar to the left)
  2. Detailed exegesis
  3. Problems with the various popular end-time scenarios
  4. The views of the Early Church Fathers

Those large groups of vocal Christians loudly proclaiming a yet-future 1,000 material millenniumpreceded by a rapturelove to claim the early church fathers are "proof" for these teachings. But this is absurdly absurd to the n-th degree!

  1. Most of the early church fathers were not millennialists.
  2. Those who were had wild and crazy ideas about it all;any modern Christian teaching those ideas today would be mocked and derided as a fool and heretic.

In these articles (see menu sidebar to the left) I describe my view of biblical end-time passages.

Articles about the book of Revelation...

   End Time Prophecy Leads to Rome | The Kingdom of Israel


My view is a modified form of amillennialism.

The key features of this view...

  1. No rapture
  2. No yet-future Antichrist
  3. The 1,000 yearsis from the time of Christ to about 1054 A.D.
  4. No great tribulation
  5. No rebuilt Jewish temple until the new heavens and new earth
  6. The modern nation of Israel does not appear in end times prophecy
  7. There is no en masse conversion of Jews to Christianity

Chronology of events

Before Jesus

  1. Kingdoms of Daniel and various events affecting the Jews
  2. Ezekiel 38–39 describes Scythian invasions of Palestine

While Jesus is walking the earth

  1. Daniel's 69th–7 begins at Jesus' baptism
  2. Halfway through Daniel's 69th–7 at Christ's crucifixion
  3. Christ's crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension at which time...
  4. Satan is bound in the abyssfor 1,000 years

After Jesus, before Jewish War in 66 A.D.

  1. Daniel's 70–7 ends with Stephen's martyrdom
  2. Jewish revolutionaries annoy the Romans resulting in...
  3. Increased persecution of Jews and Christians
  4. Nero persecutes Christians

Jewish War, 3–1/3 years 66–70 A.D.

  1. Radical Jewish revolutionaries declare all-out revolt on the Romans who begin war
  2. The temple is violated by the Romans
  3. The 2 witnesses(this may occur before 66 A.D.)
  4. Destruction of temple and Jerusalem
  5. Those not killed are enslaved

Before book of Revelation written

  1. Persecution begins again under Domitian
  2. Book of Revelation written

Up to today and into the future

  1. Soon there would be very pervasive persecution
  2. Satan is released from the abyssabout 1054 A.D.

Just before the 2nd coming of Christ and after (yet-future from today)

  1. Signs in the sky
  2. Jesus appears by degrees, in phases
  3. War against Jesus
  4. The beast and false prophet are cast into the lake of fire
  5. War against Jesus
  6. 2nd coming of Christ
  7. Satan cast into the lake of fire
  8. Resurrection of the redeemed and unredeemed
  9. Great White Throne judgment
  10. Eternity in the new heavens and new earth.Passages usually interpreted as in the 1,000 year utopian millennium are actually here.

Early Church Fathers

Even the few early church fatherswho did believe in some sort of earthly millennium (most didn't);these all entertained the most crazy of notions about the nature of this millennium and when it would occur. Many based their views on the Jewish model of 6,000 yearsof human history. This does not match modern premillennialism at all; most premillennialists are young earth creationists and think Adam & Evewere created 10,000 B.C. or earlier

My View

After becoming a ChristianI first learned the premillennial,pre-tribulation raptureend-time viewpoint, the view of many evangelical fundamentalist Protestant denominations. Since then, however, in studying the biblical passages I've come to the conclusion premillennialism is incorrect. I now accept amillennialism,the view of Augustine,Catholicism,and many in the Reformed Tradition.

My version of amillennialism is unique...

  1. The 1,000 yearsof Revelation 20 is literal, from Christ to the split between east and west in about 1054 A.D.Therefore, it is not symbolic of the Church Age as in standard Amillennialism.
  2. Just before the yet-future 2nd coming of Christ there is no great apostasy, no great tribulation, no Antichrist.
  3. I do not interpret the various passages allegorically or figurative; rather, I use a strictly literal methodology.
  4. The Church = True Israel(the apostles taught this, it is not derived by allegorical or figurative interpretation).

To avoid confusion I should mention...