Deriving Amillennialism

Here's how to derive the amillennial end-time viewpoint.

   End Time Prophecy Leads to Rome | The Kingdom of Israel

Many amillennial systems are based on an allegoricalmethod of interpretation. But my system (which I call "the Kingdom of Israel") is not allegorical at all. A brief overview of the two approaches:

(1) Allegorical — The key words in a passage are given a rather arbitrary symbolic meaning, and this process is often justified by referring to an overarching principle such as, "all Old Testament prophecies speak of Christ and the church."

(2) The Kingdom of Israel — I follow a two-step process (read more):

  1. First, develop an end-time scenario (a framework) from clear New Testament passages, then
  2. Fit into this framework (1) the Old Testament passages, and (2) other New Testament passages.

The assumptions I use are:

I'm not addressing:


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