The key to understanding any end-time scenario is the chronological sequence of events. This article lists the major events.

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Key features of this scenario

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Chronology of end-time events

The Church age

The important feature of the church age is that the 1,000 yearsof Revelation 20:1-6is the church age and is not the 1,000 year millennium as in the premillennial scenario.

Christ ascends into heaven He will rule and reign from heaven until He returns to judge the world at His second coming
The Church age Believers who die will reign with Christ in heaven
Satan is bound Satan's activities are restricted. This period of time is "1,000 years"meaning "a long time."
The "1,000 yearmillennium" Deceased believers will enter the presence of Christ in heaven until His second coming.

The second coming of Christ

Christ comes to earth, and all people, living and dead, are resurrected. There is no 1,000 yearmillennium after the second coming of Christ — but rather, the white throne judgment immediately follows the second coming.

Christ comes with His holy ones The holy ones are: (1) angels, and (2) resurrected believers who had died.
Christ destroys the nations He destroys the world by fire and judges the wickedness of all unbelievers.

The white throne judgment

The events of the white throne judgment are the same in most end-time scenarios including amillennialism. However, in my view everyone is judged, not just the wicked.

All people living as well as dead are resurrected There is no rapture in which only some people are resurrected
The earth is destroyed by fire This is in preparation for the New Heavens and New Earth. I don't specify whether this universe is destroyed and re-created, or whether it is merely reconstituted.
The white throne judgment The judgment of everyone — unbelievers and believers

The new heavens and new earth

The events of the new heavens and new earthare the same in most end-time scenarios including amillennialism.

God creates a new heaven and a new earth The eternal state
The eternal state begins The kingdom of God in its fullness