To briefly explain my survey of the subject of Biblical end-time prophecy.

   End Time Prophecy Leads to Rome | The Kingdom of Israel

Adopting the amillennial viewpoint was not an overnight process. It was in response to my dissatisfaction with dispensational premillennialism as I sought to discover the proper interpretation of the Biblical end-time passages.

As I studied the Bible I had a particular interest in end-time prophecy. But wanting to be a Berean I was unwilling to blindly accept the common end-time scenarios as being true until I looked into the matter myself. So I began a several-year investigation into the meaning and implications of the various end-time passages of the Bible.

During these years I studied commentaries about the subject from Bible scholars who I respect and admire. But I began to be troubled by the problems of the various end-time scenarios. Even though these scenarios are endorsed and defended by highly-respected scholars, it became apparent that the scenarios are mutually-contradictory, so I was forced to choose one.

It would have been easy for me to choose if one of them perfectly fit the Biblical text. But they all had difficulties. I even invented my own end-time scenario in this process of investigation.

Eventually I became convinced that amillennialism is the correct viewpoint. This collection of articles is a description of my current understanding of this viewpoint.