Amillennialism does not result in anti-Semitism.

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Certainly people have used particular biblical interpretations as an excuse for treating the Jews badly.

Amillennialism does not provide scriptural justification for persecuting Jews. Just as it does not provide justification for wiping out the American Indians by the Americans.

Nazi Germany did not use amillennialism as their reason for exterminating the Jews.

Jews have been persecuted because:

(1) They were often outsiders and strangers (because they didn't mingle with others), and

(2) The maintained a distinct culture (based on their religious heritage).

Because of their discipline they often became wealthy and became objects of envy.

They had "strange" laws and customs so people suspected them when weird things happened.

Some amillennialists accept Replacement Theology, which teaches that God judged the nation of Israel and replaced it with the church, and that He did this because the Jews killed Jesus because they did not recognize Him as the Messiah. A tragic consequence of this teaching is that there have been historical abuses of the Jews which have been justified in the name of Replacement Theology. But these abuses of the Jews are not a necessary outcome of Replacement Theology.

While I accept the formula "the Church = Israel"I do not accept Replacement Theology because it states too much.