The view I mostly accept

I describe the key points of amillennialism in 2 ways...

  1. An emphasis on the contrast with premillennialism.
  2. My unique view of amillennialism, strictly literal.

Chronology of key events...

  1. The Church age = 1,000 years of Revelation 20(In my view the 1,000 years is literal, from Christ to 1054 A.D).
  2. Antichrist(I reject the view that there will be a yet-future Antichrist)
  3. 2nd coming of Christ
  4. White throne judgment
  5. New heavens and new earth

Note the following aspects...

   End Time Prophecy Leads to Rome | The Kingdom of Israel

Principles of Interpretation

Amillennialism is based on these principles of interpreting end-time prophecy...

Full Preterism

The key points of Amillennialism

There are many. I reject a few of them.