Truth is not Weird

Whenever there are weird side-effects to a teaching, I immediately suspect there is something wrong with that teaching.

An example: It is hard to understand how a person who is baptized without having saving faith could be saved via baptism. Then, if they later come to saving faith, their baptism suddenly releases the grace of salvation. This is all very spooky and makes me suspect that the sacrament of baptismis not described properly.

Another example is using natural lawor other systems of philosophyin presenting teachings. Since these philosophical systems are all untruewe should expect weird results, and there are many. One example is the warped and flawed view of human sexuality over the centuries based on so-called Christian teaching.

Another area having warped teachings is marriage and divorce. Some Christians are trapped in abusive marriages because they think divorce is always wrong. Catholics who are divorced and remarried are considered as living in mortal sin — it is not usually overtly stated, but the implication is that they can't partake of the Eucharist because they are doomed to an eternity in hell.