Protestant Christianity and the doctrine of Sola Scriptura (Bible only)can't be separated; both emerged in response to Catholic abuses and corruptions. Sola Scriptura in a nutshell: only the Bibleis needed for Christian faith, for salvation, for a life of holiness pleasing to the Lord. Lest anyone get the wrong impression, I should note: the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallibleword of God (but not the only word of God.)

Clearly, with only a moments reflection: Sola Scriptura requires a few prerequisites from outside the Bible...

  1. The list of books and letters comprising the inspired word of God (the canon of scripture): not in the Bible.
  2. That the books of the New Testament are inspired, inerrant, infallible: not from the Bible.
  3. Human powers of reason to work out true doctrine using only the Bible.

The Protestant "reformers" (revolutionaries) rejected Catholic claims of popes, bishops, and councils as infallibleteaching authority (magisterium).These small-minded revolutionaries had room for only one other option of where to find truth, borrowed from Wycliffe and Huswho taught Sola Scriptura 200 years earlier. Elsewhere I present the third option they all missed.


The Christian faith did not itself develop by using Sola Scriptura. The first written guide, the Old Testament, was quoted by the apostles to support their teachings about Jesus, the gospel, Christianity. The key point: they did not derive their teachings from the Old Testament but, rather, from Jesus and subsequent supernatural revelations of the Holy Spirit.

So easy to demonstrate you can't construct historical Christianity from only the Bible. Imagine a tribe of God-seekers on a remote island. Copies of the Bible fall from the sky. Would they develop apostolic Christianity? Most certainly not. Yes, they would all get saved, since the Bible contains everything needed for salvation if mixed with belief and faith, and leading to repentance of sin.

Imagine again this same tribe. This time the writings of the early church fathers and the council of Nicaea also fall from the sky. This time they would construct a society much like apostolic Christianity.

The Protestant revolutionaries claimed to construct true Christianity from only the Bible, but this just isn't so. They already knew of, and believed, apostolic faith and doctrine already at hand from the Catholic Church. They claimed to derive all this from the Bible, but they did not; they merely used the Bible for proof texts.