God works in time

In creating the Church, Jesus intended it to be a visible institution that would flow with the currents of time; that great men of God would direct it into all truth.

I wrote these series of articles (see menu sidebar to the left) as a Catholic for Catholics, but I no longer accept Catholic teaching as the authoritative source of truth.I have not attempted to align these articles with my current views.

History is the interaction of humans with other humans, and with their environment. Of these, the most important factor is humans vs. humans, but at times (for example, the Black Death of the mid-1300's) the environmental factors play a significant role.

Another important aspect of history is institutional. In interacting together, humans create social structures, societies, and cultures. These tend to endure from generation to generation and shape the thinking of people of that age. Sometimes, the rules of society are harmful to certain members of the society, or even to the society as a whole.

In studying Church History we must focus on three elements...

  1. The great people who influenced others.
  2. The enemies who provided the context and boundaries.
  3. The existing status quo within which all must participate.

Church Councils

Some may wish to discount the role of the first seven ecumenical church councils, but they provided the foundations of Christianity.

History is misused ...

Protestant anti-Catholicsuse Church History ...

In doing so, they commonly ...

I address a few examples of historical events considered to be the worst.

For other related articles see In Defense of Catholicism.

I favor quotes from non-Christian and non-Catholic historians.

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