The issue of homeschooling is a battleground in the church today. Each side takes positions that divide the body of Christ.

(I list various viewpoints. Not everyone in each category has these viewpoints and there are others besides these.)

The positions


Church leaders

The War

These positions in and of themselves seem right and could be defended from scripture. If both sides were willing to understand and accept the positions of the other and to relate to one another with a spirit of harmony and unity there would not be a problem. It is not the positions themselves that are the problem, it is the desire by both sides to control the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of the other. In this we have the war.

Attacks by homeschoolers

Attacks by church leaders

Peace in Christ

We must end the war. The division in the body of Christ must cease. The homeschool issues must not be allowed to destroy churches and create strife in the hearts of both homeschoolers and church leaders. To do this each side must aggressively disarm and embrace and encourage the other.

Homeschooler actions

Church leader actions


My thoughts since writing this article, now that I've forever abandoned loyalty to the model of institutional churches based on overly-controlling bishops or rigid denominationalism (including dogmatic non-denominationalism)...

Above, I propose homeschoolers leave their local church and find one more suitable. Sadly, there are none more suitable.

I doubt if such conflicts can be resolved. Institutional churches require conformity to maintain unity.Perhaps the only solution is for homeschoolers to band together into homeschool churches. This requires several factors...

  1. A suitable location for church meetings.
  2. Leaders who can agree and who have pastoral skills.
  3. Willingness of everyone to work as a team.

And what happens to these churches once the kids have grown?

Perhaps a home church modelshould be the norm as it was in the apostolic church.