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Table of contents

Relativism The idea that "it's true for me" is common in today's modern world. But some things can be demonstrated to be true whether we choose to believe them or not.
Tolerance Our pluralistic society values diversity and tolerance. Yet there is a surprising and disturbing side effect of this seemingly good and caring policy.
Ethics How do we make decisions which are ethical? This article provides some guidance.
Integrating Psychology and Christianity Exploring whether psychology and Christianity are compatible and whether Christians should reject psychology.
It Must Be True What can we be sure of by observing the world around us?
Biblical Archaeology Evidence from archaeology that the Bible is trustworthy.
Creationism An analysis of the old-earth, old-universe view.
The Catholic Church These articles deal with the issues of Catholicism versus Protestantism.
To Spank or Not A sensible approach to the topic.
The Homeschool War The issue of homeschooling has become a battleground in the church today. Each side has taken positions that can divide the body of Christ.
The Women at the Empty Tomb What really happened on Easter morning?
Rebekah's Deception What was really going on with Isaac as he blessed Jacob instead of Esau?
Paul's Thorn in the Flesh Did Paul have an eye disease?
Astrology and Horoscopes What the Bible has to say.
The Stages of God's Election What are the roles of God's election and foreknowledge in salvation? What role does man's will play?
The Trinity A brief example from real life to help our understanding of the Trinity.
The Days of Creation The young earth creationists insist that the word "day" in the first chapter of Genesis refers to a literal 24 hour day to which I reply, "No it doesn't." I got to looking at the text again and observed that the literal text doesn't refer to this at all.
The Bible and Vices What the Bible has to say about various vices.
End Time Prophecy I have rejected premillennialism and dispensationalism in favor of amillennialism. These pages describe my view in detail including quotes from 31 of the early church Fathers up to Augustine.
How to Interpret the Bible The Principles of Interpretation of Scripture.
Hell I have always been troubled with the view of hell that it is eternal torture by God on those who may not have been aware that He would punish them in this way. This article provides an alternate model based on the Bible.
House Church Model As a supporter of the house church movement, I have defined a model of a house church organization. I do this in the context of creating a new denomination which is based on the home church.
Bible Topics From the Old Testament and New Testament.