A Brain Teaser

Susie, Jo Anne's best friend, has heard about a cure for the fatal disease that Jo Anne has. In the following scenarios, does Jo Anne live or die?

1)   Jo Anne doesn't believe she is sick.

2)   Jo Anne believes she is sick but Susie never tells Jo Anne about the cure.

3)   Susie tells Jo Anne about the cure, but Jo Anne doesn't believe it will work.

4)   Jo Anne believes the cure will work, be she never takes it.

5)   Jo Anne doesn't believe the cure will work but she takes it anyway.

6)   Jo Anne believes the cure will work and takes it.

7)   Jo Anne takes the cure, but it turns out that the cure doesn't work.

Mind benders

1)   In which of the seven scenarios does Jo Anne exercise faith?

2)   Which of these five factors has the most effect on the outcome of whether Jo Anne lives or dies?

a)   Jo Anne believing she is sick.

b)   Susie telling Jo Anne about the cure.

c)   Jo Anne believing what Susie tells her about the cure.

d)   Jo Anne taking the cure.

e)   Whether or not the cure is capable of curing the disease.

3)   Which of the seven scenarios best represents the Christian faith?