Problems, Errors, Abuses, Changes . . .

The Protestant Reformers in the 1500's rebelled against the Catholic Church. But centuries earlier, even the Orthodox Church objected to many Catholic teachings and practices, and this ultimately led to the great schism of 1054 A.D.

Even today objections from both Protestants and Catholics still persist.

So Many Contradictions . . .

Here are some of the many Catholic Contradictions that offend me — some are major, some minor.

Major contradictions. See also Catholic Errors

Catholics who don't believe the Catholic teachings of the Eucharist are allowed to partake. However, my wife who does believe is not allowed — weird. Also, the Catholic Church and Orthodox Churches both accept each others' Eucharist as valid but don't allow their members to partake of the Eucharist of the other — weird.

The church teaches that having a Marian devotion is optional. But several times a year you have to attend a mass in honor of a feast day of Mary and throughout the year there is much talk of Mary. Make up your mind — is a Marian devotion optional or not?

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