I wrote these series of articles (see menu sidebar to the left) as a Catholic for Catholics, but I no longer accept Catholic teaching as the authoritative source of truth.I have not attempted to align these articles with my current views.

The standard objections Protestant anti-Catholicshave against the Catholic Church and my answers.


Pagan | Call No Man Father | Traditions of Men | Church Corruption

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A common objection is that the Catholic Church is pagan. Various practices such as: the use of liturgical calendar, holidays, feast days, statues and icons (considered idols), use of rituals, the Saints, Mary, use of altars, sacrifice of the mass, etc. This claim is absurd.

Call No Man Father

I hear this one a lot. The objection is that Jesus commands us to "call no man father" (Matthew 23:9) yet the Catholic Church calls priests father. I am amazed at how much passion it arouses considering how simple it is to refute from the Bible.

Traditions of Men

The objection is that everything Catholic is invented by men rather than passed-down from the apostles (and Jesus). It is quite easy to show that the New Testament teaches that we are to obey sacred Tradition. I discuss the topic here, here, here and here.

Church Corruption

Various objections such as: Bad popes, inquisition, crusades, pedofile priests, religious wars, milking the peasants for money with indulgences, etc. Yes, it is true that many Catholics throughout history have not been what they should have been. But the same could be said for Protestants. Does the bad behavior of some nullify the truthfulness of the teachings which these people were supposed to follow but did not? Many topics:

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