Some readers of my articles mentioned they are offended by my use of the term "anti-Catholic" and they don't like being called this. Clearly they noticed some of my articles are indeed directed against their anti-Catholic views.

I certainly don't wish to offend anybody and have tried to come up with a better term, one accurately identifying the target audience. The best I can do is "critic of Catholicism", a phrase probably no less offensive.

I use the term "anti-Catholic" to refer to someone who...

  1. rejects the truth-claims of the Catholic Church, and
  2. rejects Catholicism, claiming it to be utterly un-Christian, and
  3. is angry about all this.

I should note that I am somewhat anti-Catholic as welland proud to wear that label. But the difference between me and other anti-Catholics is that I accept Catholicism as a valid form of Christianity, at least in certain contexts and for certain people.

Some anti-Catholics completely misrepresentthe teachings of the Catholic Church — shame on them. Others have studied the teachings and understand them. Perhaps I should distinguish between the two groups by calling the first "ignorant anti-Catholics", but it's all getting to complicated.

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