Including Peter's denial of Jesus; the rooster crows; and Jesus' prediction of this.

We should expect John's account to be most detailed (which it is) because John actually went inside and heard the discussion.

Peter was nearby at first, so we should expect Mark's account (Mark was Peter's scribe) to be very detailed at first. But when Peter began to deny that he knew Jesus, he likely lost track of the events so we should expect the account in Mark to be sketchy at this point. Peter probably ran away and did not witness any more of the events. This is exactly what we observe in Mark. Also, we should expect additional information about Peter's denial; Mark's gospel is the only one mentioning that the rooster crows twice.

Scenes (in time order) Peter denies Christ Matthew Mark Luke John
  Jesus tells Peter he will deny him three times; then the rooster will crow the second time [only Mark mentions the two crowings] Matthew 26:34 Mark 14:30 Luke 22:34 John 13:38
Jesus is captured and bound by a great multitude (band of men, captains, and officers) from the chief priests, Pharisees, scribes, and elders.
(Luke mentions chief priests, captains of the temple, and elders — perhaps some were present.)
Matthew 26:47,57 Mark 14:43,53 Luke 22:47,52,54 John 18:3,12
Jesus is taken to Annas and some officials.     Luke 22:54 (high priest) John 18:13
Dialog with Annas and some officials.
Jesus: "I spoke openly; ask them what I said."
They slap Jesus for speaking to the high priest disrespectfully
Jesus: "Tell me what I said that was untrue."
      John 18:19-23
Jesus is taken to Caiaphas and a council meeting. Matthew 26:57 Mark 14:53 Luke 22:54 John 18:24
  Peter follows at a distance; John goes in and brings Peter to the door. Then Peter goes to warm himself by the fire. Peter is probably actively shifting between the fire (where he must spend time to avoid arousing suspicion) to the door where he can see what is going on. Matthew 26:58 Mark 14:54 Luke 22:54-56 John 18:15,16
John 18:24 hints that this scene is out of sequence in John's account.
Dialog with Caiaphas, the chief priests, the elders, the scribes, and all the council (round 1).
False witnesses whose testimony contradicted.
Them: "Are you the Christ, the Son of God?"
Jesus: "Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven."
High priest: Tore his robe. "He has spoken blasphemy. He is guilty of death."
Matthew 26:59-67 Mark 14:55-64    
They abuse and mock Jesus (round 1). Spit. Pushed. Covered his face. Hit.
"Prophesy, who hit you?"
Presumably they all dispersed after this to get some sleep.
Matthew 26:67,68 Mark 14:65 Luke 22:63-65  
  Peter denies knowing Jesus (first time) — at the door by the girl who kept the door. He "sat outside." Matthew 26:69,70 Mark 14:54; Mark 14:66-68 Luke 22:56,57 John 18:17
It is nearly morning. The rooster crows the first time   Mark 14:68    
  Peter goes out on the porch to warm himself by the fire [for the rest of the night until morning].   Mark 14:54, Mark 14:68   John 18:18
  Peter denies knowing Jesus (second time). In the porch. Matthew 26:71,72 Mark 14:69,70 Luke 22:58 John 18:25
  Peter denies knowing Jesus (third time), cursing. (Within an hour of the second time.) Matthew 26:73,74 Mark 14:70,71 Luke 22:59 John 18:26
  The rooster began to crow [the second time]. Jesus looks at Peter. (Presumably Jesus was bound to wait until morning, and Peter managed to get close enough to be seen.) Matthew 26:74 Mark 14:72 Luke 22:60 John 18:27
  Peter wept, remembering Jesus' prophecy. Then he "went out," probably leaving the scene for good. We should not expect eyewitness details from Mark's gospel after this. Matthew 26:75   Luke 22:60,61  
The next morning Matthew 27:1 Mark 15:1 Luke 22:66 John 18:28
Dialog with Caiaphas joined by the elders, chief priests, and scribes (round 2). This time they skip the false witnesses but ask the same incriminating questions to which Jesus gives the same answer.
Them: "Are you the Christ?"
Jesus: "Hereafter shall the Son of man sit on the right hand of the power of God."
Them: "Are you the Son of God?"
They decide to put Jesus to death.
Matthew 27:1 Mark 15:1 Luke 22:66-71  
Jesus is taken to Pilate (first time). Pilate must come outside since they won't go inside. Matthew 27:2 Mark 15:1 Luke 23:1 John 18:28
Dialog with Pilate without Jesus present (round 1). They accuse Jesus.     Luke 23:2 John 18:29-32
Jesus and Pilate talk privately:
Pilate: "Are you the King of the Jews?"
Jesus: "My kingdom is not of this world."
Pilate: "What is truth?"
Matthew 27:11 Mark 15:2 Luke 23:3 John 18:33-38
Pilate says he finds no fault in Jesus.     Luke 23:4  
They accuse Jesus, mentioning Galilee.     Luke 23:5,6  
Jesus is taken to Herod     Luke 23:7  
Dialog with Herod. The chief priests and scribes accuse Jesus. Jesus is silent.     Luke 23:8-10  
They abuse and mock Jesus (round 2). Put a robe on Jesus.     Luke 23:11  
Jesus is taken to Pilate (second time) [still wearing the robe]     Luke 23:11  
Pilate goes outside again.
Pilate: "I find no fault in him. I will release him."
    Luke 23:13-16 John 18:38
Dialog with Pilate (round 2). Jesus says nothing. Pilate marvels at Jesus' silence. Matthew 27:12-14 Mark 15:3-5    
Pilate offers to release Jesus but they ask for Barabbas (round 1) Matthew 27:15-17   Luke 23:16-20 John 18:39,40
Pilate sits down on the judgment seat. (Is it outside?) Matthew 27:19      
Pilate's wife sends a message to Pilate Matthew 27:19      
Pilate offers to release Jesus but they ask for Barabbas (round 2) Matthew 27:21 Mark 15:6-11    
The crowd says, "crucify him" (round 1) Matthew 27:22,23 Mark 15:12-14 Luke 23:21, Luke 23:23  
Pilate says he will scourge Jesus and let him go.     Luke 23:22  
The crowd says, "crucify him" (round 2)     Luke 23:23  
Pilate washes his hands and sentences Jesus to death by crucifixion. (Presumably he is still sitting on the judgment seat.) Matthew 27:24   Luke 23:24  
The people say, "His blood be on us, and on our children." Matthew 27:25      
Barabbas is released Matthew 27:26 Mark 15:15 Luke 23:25  
Jesus is scourged Matthew 27:26 Mark 15:15   John 19:1
They abuse and mock Jesus (round 3). Crown of thorns. Purple/scarlet robe. "Hail King of the Jews." Hit him. Matthew 27:27-31 Mark 15:16-20   John 19:2,4
Jesus is taken to Pilate (third time)
Only John records these events — he was still present (he even followed Jesus to Calvary and witnessed the crucifixion).
      John 19:4
Dialog with Pilate (round 3). Jesus is wearing crown of thorns and purple robe.       John 19:4,5
The crowd says, "crucify him" (round 3). Presumably, Jesus was sent back inside.       John 19:6
Pilate speaks to Jesus privately out of fear.
Jesus: "Pilate's power to crucify Jesus comes from above."
      John 19:9-11
Pilate goes back outside.       John 19:12
Dialog with Pilate.       John 19:12
Jesus is led out again.       John 19:13
Dialog with Pilate.
Pilate: "Behold your king."
"Crucify him. We have no king but Caesar."
      John 19:13-15
Jesus is taken to be crucified Matthew 27:31 Mark 15:20 Luke 23:25 John 19:16