How to interpret the Bible

We should interpret the Bible strictly literally.The problem with figures of speech, allegory,and typologyis that determining when to apply these is totally arbitrary. Thus, Origen was able to come up with the most crazy of interpretations by applying allegory to everything.

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Throughout church historythere have been people who claimed to interpret the Bible literally but devised very unchristian views. An example of this is gnosticism in which, because of their interpretation of the character of the God of the Old Testament and the different views of God between the two testaments, they concluded that the physical material world is bad and the spiritual world is good.

Another misuse of literal interpretation is from premillennialists who claim to interpret the various end time passages literally (but they actually don't interpret them literally at all).

My system avoids these abuses. The key is in understanding that life and living all take place in the spiritual realm,therefore, all physical phenomena have a spiritual component. Thus, God actually has a face, even though this face doesn't manifest in the physical world. And symbols have a real substantive existence in the spiritual realm. Thus passages containing symbols are literally factual descriptions of what is occurring in the spiritual realm.

I do not consider idioms to be figures of speech.

Verses having problems with types...