My ideas about the One Apostolic Church developed over a few years and I wrote articles at every stage. Hopefully, this index will provide organization to these ideas.

For a high level overview of the One Apostolic Church, read these:

Key Ingredients A list of them.
One Apostolic Church fundamentalist, evangelical Protestant Christians are in need of a new reformation, a modern reformation, an Apostolic Reformation of the Church to take them back to true apostolic Christianity.
My Perspective How to validate the teachings of the various Christian traditions to determine whether they are the true church established by Jesus.
Ingredients of True Reform True reform consists of reforming our hearts and our minds.
Essential Ingredients Bible Quotes highlighting some of the various essential ingredients of the Apostolic Reformation of the Church.
Back to apostolic teaching What Jesus and the apostles taught.
Christian Truth Source of essential doctrines.
Early Church Fathers Church Leadership
Key Factors The Early Church
What I Believe My system.

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How to know? ...

fundamentalist, evangelical Protestant Christians dogmatically state that the Bible is the authority for Christian faith. But how do they know this? How can they know what the Christian faith should be like?

How to know what is true Step by step analysis of the process.
How to Know what is True My system.
Truth in History The early church and the sources of truth.
The Orthodox View We must not neglect considering the eastern Church.

Articles ...

All of them.

One Apostolic Church -- fundamentalist, evangelical Protestant Christians are in need of a new reformation, a modern reformation, an Apostolic Reformation of the Church to take them back to true apostolic Christianity.
-- The Bible
-- The Protestant Reformation
-- Key Ingredients -- of Apostolic Reformation
-- Kinds of Christianity
-- Leadership
-- Unity
-- What Drives Me -- I've been in the same predicament
Bible -- Short, focused
Bible Quotes -- Support for essential ingredients of Apostolic Reformation
-- Ordination
-- Church Leadership
-- House Church
-- Unity
Call to Action -- What can be done to "fix" the church
-- A truly Christian culture
-- Accept other Christians
-- What you can do
The Church -- Various aspects of what the church is
-- Christ's church is united
Church Reform -- The true church
-- Short
-- List of links
The Church Refreshed -- What is true? What to believe?
-- Links to relate topics
Defending Apostolic Faith -- Short
-- Overview of why I wrote these articles (see menu sidebar to the left)
Doctrines -- I list doctrines of the very early church
Doctrines of Church Fathers -- I list teachings of the very early church
The Early Church -- What it was like
-- Historical stages of the church
The Early Church Fathers -- Bishops
-- Historical progression of bishops
Ecumenical Christian -- Short
Essential Doctrines -- A list of them
-- Eucharist
Freedom from Religion -- Meddling by the church into the realm of secular political rulership was never intended by Jesus
Governance -- Short
Heretical Doctrines -- Short, a non-article
-- I list a couple
How to Select a Church -- Long list of my criteria
-- My assessment of various denominations
I Believe -- How can we know what is true?
-- A list of doctrines and teachings in the context of teaching authority
Knowing Truth -- How to know what is true in Christianity?
-- Historical progression of Church leadership and churches
-- The Dilemma of Protestant Christians Today
Lamentations -- Why I'm annoyed
Moral Teaching -- Short
-- A list
Non Essential Doctrines -- List from various perspectives
One Church -- Short
-- My conclusions about the church
Orthodox Church -- The Orthodox Church
Return to Catholic -- I entertained the notion that the Catholic Church really is the church founded by Jesus and the apostles.
-- but, noticed it has changed its views.
Teaching Authority -- Who Do We Trust?
-- Historical overview
True Catholic -- Short
-- I list some true Catholic doctrines
True Church -- Which church is the true church?
-- Historical phases of the church
Unity -- What unites Christians?
What I Believe -- Statement of faith
-- List of what Jesus emphasized
-- The Catholic sacraments
What is Next? -- Considering being Catholic
-- Finding a Church
What is True? -- Where do we learn about true Christianity?
-- A historical overview of the stages of early Christianity
-- The Church Fathers
-- The Reformation
-- Did the Church Go Bad?
-- Assessment of the Catholic Church

Index of Topics ...

I've clumped these together by topic.

The Bible The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God, but it was not all that was needed to form the church and establish Christian doctrine.
Teaching Authority How we can know what is true.
Teaching Authority What is our authority for truth?
Leadership Brief overview of the topic of church leadership.
Bishops What the Bible has to say.
Apostolic Succession Problems with Apostolic Succession never mentioned.
Ordination What the Bible has to say.
Unity Christians are in unity with one another because they are united with Christ.
Unity The New Testament does not teach that Christian unity is based on institutional unity.
Unity Christ's church is united — it is not fractured. Faith-filled, believing Christians are in unity with one another and with Christ. What is often missing is that Christians don't relate to one another in love.
Unity Will Christians ever have unity?
Unity We should accept other Christians as brothers and sisters in Christ even if they have different opinions and beliefs of non-essential doctrines.
The Church There simply must be a thing called "the church" which is led by the Holy Spirit and leads us into truth. No other conclusion is possible.
The Church Jesus clearly established a church, a unified church, a holy church, the apostolic church.
The Church The Church as the "New Israel"
The True Church Which church is the true church?
Church vs. State What role should the state have in the affairs of the Church?
The Church Went Bad An overview of the topic. When did the Church go bad?
The Church The results of Christendom.
Protestant Reformation In breaking free from the Catholic stranglehold, the Protestant revolutionaries forgot to reform the church.
Protestant Reformation The "reforms" of the Protestant Reformation cannot be trusted.
Which Church is the True Church? So many to choose from.
Various Churches My assessment of various denominations.
Church Fathers Reality compels us to trust the Church Fathers.
House Church The early church was primarily a house church movement.
Catholic Shortcomings My analysis.
Catholic Shortcomings My analysis.
Catholic Shortcomings Difficulties in being a good Catholic.

Historical Analysis ...

A key component of my system is understanding what the early church believed and taught, as well as explaining times when the church went off course, and whether the Protestant Reformation fixed it.

Historical overview of True Christianity A brief historical overview and my assessment
The Early Church What was the early church really like? There were many stages
A historical view A high level view of the historical events that shaped the church.
Phases of the Church I have identified six phases
Church Developments High level overview.
Progression of the Church It changed. The question is whether these changes were intended by Jesus.
Protestant Reformation It did not establish Apostolic Christianity. The early church did not have the Bible as its authority as Protestants do — rather, it had the teaching of the apostles and the bishops as the authority.
Leadership The evolution of church leadership and the kinds of church governance.
Freedom from Religion The cultures of the day influenced the church and caused it to become politicized and to dominate the lives of Christians at large.
Documents from Church Fathers With my commentary.
Sources of Authority The stages of authority in the early Church.
Church Leadership It quickly changed.
Ecumenical Councils Are Ecumenical Councils the source of truth as the Orthodox Churches claim?

Doctrines ...

Christianity requires doctrine, that is to say, it demands that we hold correct views about certain topics. These articles discuss this topic.

Development of Doctrine Which doctrines were passed-on by the apostles and which were invented later?
Doctrines Apostolic Succession, Baptism, Eucharist, Bishops, Sacraments
Doctrines of Church Fathers Eucharist, Priesthood, Papacy, Hierarchy, Sacraments, Baptism, Marriage, Confirmation, Holy Orders, Healing / anointing of sick, Confession, Faith Passed-down from the Apostles
Church Leadership Bible passages about apostle, bishop, elder, presbyter, deacon, pastor, shepherd, prophet, evangelist, teacher, preacher
The Early Church What the Church believed right after the apostolic era. This is a key ingredient of my system.
Bishops in the writings of the Early Church Fathers Bishops figure prominently in Church history. Is the Catholic and Orthodox view of Bishops supported by the Early Church Fathers?
The Bible The early church and the Bible.
Essential Doctrines My list.
Non-essential Doctrines My list.
Heretical Doctrines I list only a few.
Criteria for Selecting a Church Here's what they must believe and teach to qualify.
Marriage Wacky Catholic teachings and practices.
Eucharist Passages from the Bible.
Eucharist My view.
Papacy My view.
True Catholic Doctrines I believe that most Catholic dogmas regarding faith and morals are true.
Sacraments My observations of the seven Catholic sacraments.
Holy Orders Supporting the Catholic view from history and the Bible.

Lists ...

I went to a lot of trouble to create these lists.

Kinds of Christianity Kinds of Christian churches and pseudo-Christian churches.
Church Reform Kinds of reform and revolution.
Essential Doctrines To reject these is to reject Christianity and the gospel.
Non-essential doctrines My assessment.
Non-essential Doctrines My system provides a way to know which doctrines are essential and which are not.
Heretical Doctrines There are many; I list only a few.
Serious Sins We should avoid these like the plague. An extension of the "thou shalt not" from the Ten Commandments.
Criteria for Selecting a Church Sadly, it's hard to find any that qualify.
I believe. Jesus taught. My system is based on what Jesus taught and emphasized.
Misc. Beliefs My views on various topics.

Misc ...

Last, but not least.

What Drives Me There are many fundamentalist, evangelical Protestant Christians in this predicament.
Development of My Views Our modern concept of freedom of religion is superior to the old view of Christendom which was such a prominent feature of European history.
The Orthodox Church Protestants neglect to study church history and especially neglect the Orthodox Church.