I Believe

Note: I am a born-again, on-fire-for-the-Lord, radically-saved, devout, faithful, orthodox, cafeteria Catholic (but not of the liberal variety) — a true Christian.

Although I am pro-Catholic, yet I am all-too-aware that there have been corruptions in the past and present. Here's how I reconcile these seeming opposite realities:

  1. I admit that the idealized teaching magisteriumgot a lot right.
  2. The regulations and obligations imposed by the Catholic Church seem helpful for Catholics who can in good conscience submit to them.
  3. I strongly reject: (1) Corruption of church leaders,and (2) things that are clearly wrong, error, untruth.

Examples of #1:

Examples of #2:

Why can't you be a cafeteria Catholic? The Catholic Church doesn't allow for that option.

Here's a list of what I believe: