Can it possibly be true? . . .

Here is the long (45 year) trial-and-error journey I followed to finally prove to my satisfaction that the claims of the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Churches, and the Protestant Reformation are not true, and that only apostolic, Biblical Christianityis true. It was a time-consuming and laborious process of elimination in which, one by one, I rejected the various alternatives:

  1. Started as an atheist. It was all I knew of.
  2. Discovered and adopted eastern religious philosophy and yoga. Rejected atheism in the process.
  3. Learned of the many problems with eastern religious philosophy and yoga but had no alternative.
  4. Discovered and adopted the new age movement. Rejected it after a short time.
  5. Discovered but never adopted other religions such as Buddhism and Islam.
  6. Discovered and adopted Protestant fundamentalist, evangelical Christianity (after 23 years of yoga.) Rejected eastern religious philosophy and yoga.
  7. Learned of the contradictions and disunity in Protestant fundamentalist, evangelical Christianity but I had no alternative.
  8. Discovered and adopted Catholicism (after 12 years as Protestant.) Rejected Protestantism and never looked back.
  9. Learned of the many problems with Catholicism: historical, moral, religious, spiritual.
  10. Invented my own church model called One Apostolic Church.
  11. Studied Philosophy(including political science) but found it to be a poor substitute for religion.
  12. Reconverted to Catholicism. (after 4 years as devout Catholic, plus 6 years of Catholic struggles.) I spent three months trying to reconcile all the problems. Rejected my other Christian experiments — they all led to weird results.
  13. After three months of studying Catholic documents(Canon Law, Catechisms, Papal Encyclicals, Church Councils, etc.) and noticing the many contradictions and errors, I abandoned forever my interest in and loyalty to the Catholic Church. I am now just a Christian: a born-again, on-fire-for-the-Lord, radically-saved, cafeteria Catholic (but not of the liberal variety) — a true Christian.

Here's the evidence of various claims:

  1. That God exists and is a personal God.
  2. That Christianity is true.
  3. That the Catholic Churchis not the church established by the apostles.
  4. That the Protestant Reformationdid not reform the church at all.