My views on various Christian topics . . .

As a Christian, I look to the Bible and the early Church to show the way regarding true Christian faith and morals. Sadly, this was corrupted rather early by the early development of the Catholic Church, the Great Schism of 1054 A.D., and the rejection of true doctrine by the Protestant Reformers in favor of Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide. Today we have disunity and chaos in the Church. We must look to the apostles and their successors to light the way.

There are really only five choices for Christian authority. Certainly everyone agrees that the teachings of Jesus and the apostles are the source of Christian truth:

  1. The New Testament, written by the apostles, but missing many topics. Many contradictory interpretations but Protestants all accept Sola Fide (Faith Alone)even though the New Testament clearly states the opposite (James 2:17,24)
  2. The Early Church Fathers,but they contradict themselves and scripture, and add church hierarchy
  3. Councils of bishops (Orthodox)
  4. The infallibilityof bishops and pope (Catholic), guided by the Holy Spirit
  5. The teachings of Jesus and the apostles found in the New Testament and the writings of the Early Church Fathers.

Recent Catholic Articles . . .

On July 16, 2012 I rejoined the Catholic Church (I don't remember why, and it didn't stick.) Here are articles from then.

My current view Catholic again after six years of questioning — but it didn't last long...
How to Interpret the Catechism The Catechism (and Catholic teaching) has a special language that is ultra idealistic and ignores the bad stuff. Must read it with this in mind for use as a devotional.
Bad Stuff that Happened Many examples of bad behavior, erroneous statements, or bad attitudes by Catholic leaders throughout history (and today).
Church, Authority, Institution Passages from the Catechism about various bad behavior, abuses, changes of doctrine, contradictions, etc. from church history, as well as contradictions and absurdities from the Catechism.
My View of Everything Based on my understanding of Church teaching.
Proving Catholic Claims A high-level overview of the procedure to prove Catholic claims.
Bible Supports Catholicism I document it all.
Early Church Fathers Support Catholicism I document it all.

Essentials . . .

God, the Trinity, Jesus

The origin of humanity

Lucifer and the angel's rebellion

The fall of man


The Soul




Non-essentials . . .

Here are my views of these topics:



Catholic Views

I believe in the following (but I am not Catholic):

Heretical and Non-Christian Views . . .

I reject all of these: