I am a committed Christian who is accepting of others' beliefs and faith.

I am a born-again, on-fire-for-the-Lord, radically-saved, cafeteria Catholic (but not of the liberal variety) — a true Christian.

We must be tolerant of others' views, however, I am repulsed by the immoral mores and values of our modern society. For more: Vices | Tolerance

God . . .

I was once an atheist but I now believe in God.

Leo Tolstoy, in his book A Confession, tells the amazing story of his journey from being a committed atheist to believing in God. His feeling of despair in the face of the meaninglessness of life led him to God. If God can convert a hardened atheist he can convert anyone.

But not all will respond favorably to God's promptings of the soul. Some will reject God and ultimately spend eternity in hell. I have no way of knowing who is in which category; I can only pray that God saves everyone.

God interacts with everyone throughout their lives and especially at the moment of death. I suspect there are many deathbed conversions we don't even know about because the person was unable to communicate their conversion to anyone.

Christian . . .

The gospel message of Christianity offers the hope of eternal salvation for all humankind.

However, this gospel has been corrupted, twisted, added to, subtracted from, distorted, and used for political and personal gain throughout the centuries. Examples of false so-called gospel messages . . .

Ecumenical . . .

I am accepting of all Christian religions, denominations, and communities that:

  1. accept the Bible as inspired, inerrant, infallible
  2. accept the foundational doctrines expressed in the Nicene creed
  3. reject the tenets of liberal Christianity (by liberal I mean rejection of the essential Christian doctrines)

As long as they meet those conditions they are truly Christian. All believing members of these groups who are faith-filled, virtuous, and holy are truly members of the body of Christ and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. For more: One Church | I Believe

I am saddened by the anti-them mentality taught in many churches and believed by many Christians (and I am repentant that I used to share this mentality).

Interfaith . . .

God shines his light on the world through all religions. But not all these teachings are true. Examples of untrue teachings:

God wishes to abundantly bless everyone and does so in all religions and spiritual systems. God desires the salvation of everyone and is forgiving and merciful.

God has interacted with all people throughout the ages and the various religions are the result of this interaction with God. However, the message is often distorted. Without the teaching authority of the Christian Church there is no way to know which teaching is true and which is false.