Cafeteria Catholic . . .

Catholic again after six years of questioning — but it didn't last long...

Not too long ago (between 2006 and 2009) I changed my views regarding the Catholic Church after a concentrated study of the Church Fathersand Church History.Some background: In becoming Catholic in 2002 I dutifully accepted whatever they said was true,but after four years my sensibilities were offended and I could no longer overlook the difficulties.I became an on-fire, born-again, radically-saved, orthodox cafeteria Catholic (but not of the liberal variety) — a true Christian.

But then, drifting without a church home for years and flipping loyalties to and from Catholic claims, I became a true-blue Catholic again.I don't even remember why.

In only lasted for three months. After studying Catholic documents(Canon Law, Catechisms, Councils, Papal Encyclicals, etc.) and noticing the abundance of contradictions and errors, I could no longer remain loyal to that system. So I'm again, and finally, an on-fire, born-again, radically-saved, orthodox cafeteria Catholic (but not of the liberal variety).

For my current views: One Apostolic Church Topics | Overview of Topics

To be Catholic you must believe this...

Three metaphors for the Church as an institution. Notice the common theme: an institution is untainted by the bad behavior of its members and leaders...

  1. Marriage: God established the human institution of marriage to propagate the human race. There are plenty of bad spouses, but this doesn't mean that the institution of marriage is invalid.
  2. The nation of the USA: Having various complaints against the British overlords (perhaps not even justified), the revolutionary founders of the USA obtained freedom and established a government. After that, they wiped-out the previous inhabitants of North America, depended on slavery, dropped two nuclear bombs on Japanese cities, and performed many, many, many other atrocities. Yet American citizens can be proud to be American and obey the laws. The bad leaders don't invalidate the institution of the nation of the USA.
  3. Old Testament Israel: God commanded that his chosen people have laws, a priesthood, a sacrificial system, a moral code, etc. When the leaders (and the people) failed to live up to their proper role, God sent prophets who were persecuted. The Catholic Church, Orthodox Churches, and some other liturgical churches have all theseaspects.

Just so, Jesus established the institution of the Church through the apostles for various purposes. He is not happy with the bad conduct of various leaders throughout history and into the present, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, true doctrinehas been determined and developed.Catholics of today should feel blessed to have a church to belong to, and they can happily obey the disciplinary dictates of church leaders.

But these metaphors have a fatal flaw — Catholic claims are simply not true.Catholics should reject error, sin, abuse, corruptions, wickedness, and every other invasion of the powers of darkness into this institution. Catholics should disobeywhen their leaders command them to do things against the gospel (including a wrong emphasis on non-essentials).