I had already become a Christian when the internet became popular. I don't remember why I wanted to have a web site but I was a computer programmer at the time so it was easy to start one. I started on GeoCities but soon got my own domain which I named North Forest after an apartment building nearby. We didn't live there but I liked the name — it was kind of artsy and naturey. I went online in early 1999 starting out as northforest.com but changed to northforest.org in 2003. (when northforest.com expired the unscrupulous domain provider Network Solutions Inc. stole it from me when I tried to change providers. Shame on these crooks.)

My first web articles were originally hand-written: things I wrote for new-agers, atheists, or non-Christians to introduce them to Jesus:

What is Truth? 1992

The Way, 1992

God Exists, 1992

Letter to an Atheist, 1993

The Still, Small Voice, 1993

The Ramifications of Information Theory, 1993

The Light of the World, 1993

A Dialogue About the Nature of Reality, 1995

The World Religions, 1997

The Problem with God, 1998

Jo Anne's Cure, 1998

From day one my web articles were mostly about religious and Christian topics; they chronicled my views and beliefs. As I studied a topic I wrote an article about it.

From the beginning of my web site I had already started to break ranks with fundamentalist, evangelical Protestantism and I wrote about it all:



In 2001 I went back to college to finish my B.A. in Social Science — several articles are class assignments:

Integrating Psychology and Christianity

To Spank or Not


After this I started writing more scholarly articles with supporting quotations as well as articles about various Social Science topics. Recently (2010) I began writing about environmental topics.

I added MP3 audio files thinking people would prefer listening to me speaking rather than reading articles — but these were rarely listened to. I even started a podcast for a little while but realized that I did not want to have to regularly record and produce them. The only popular MP3 files are from my album, Living Faith, which became popular was when it was added as a link to a Catholic Songs site.

When I became Catholic I had a prolific writing spree for many years and my research showed the historical problems with the Catholic Church which I dutifully documented.

I decided to try my hand at video production and I posted four on YouTube. This was way too much work for way too little benefit. I tried adding hand-drawn pictures here and there but my artistic skills leave something to be desired (here, here, here, here, here).

I used to have photos sprinkled all over.

My Mission

I reconverted to Catholicism on July 16, 2012 (I don't remember why, and it didn't stick)and half-heartedly edited my articles so they delivered a pro-Catholic message (but I didn't remove all the things critical of the Church). I wanted to remind myself of the purposes for the many articles so here goes:


Because I've changed my views over time my articles are not always consistent with one another. Topics where this is most pronounced:

Perhaps someday I will tidy this up. I've already done quite a bit of this but there is so much more.


Early on I purchased a book on web site design and designed the colorful (literally) scheme of my early articles with colorful (figuratively speaking) topic names (Journey, Kingdom of Israel). After a while I started writing collections of articles called "sub-webs" and added menus along the left edge.

I got tired of the "colorful" scheme and tried some other formats. Each experiment resulted in another home page and index page but most are not used any more. I used to have many links to external sites (a few articles were really nothing more than this), but I don't like to do this anymore — I don't enjoy fixing the broken links all the time.

With over 250 articles now, my web site has become a jungle of information on many topics. Over the years I've tried various schemes to organize all the info but each has proven to be too limited and ultimately failed when I wrote yet more articles. Finally, in 2010 I created a new (and hopefully final) menuing scheme. I have converted many of the table of contents, indexes, and menus to this new menu scheme.

In early 2012 I added a new kind of sub-web I call Web Rings. I wanted to be able to quickly write something, no matter how short, without the burden of having to fit it into my existing organizational structure. And now in summer of 2012 I've added more features:


Pretty old-style headers & footers

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Index of topics

Portal to all menus

Links to all topics (at the time) (whole articles and sections of articles)

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Current Homepage

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