A brief religious chronology ...

Born in the USA in 1952.  
Was brought up as an Atheist. My Mom was agnostic; my Dad worked with NASA, taught me science, and mocked religion. I assumed that science disproved the existence of God.
Practised yoga and eastern religion for decades. As a senior in high school, I suddenly became obsessed with yoga and eastern religion/philosophy/theology. I eventually joined a spiritual community.

If I had been introduced to Christianity instead, I likely would not have gotten involved with eastern religion.
Converted to evangelical, Protestant, fundamentalism (Calvary Chapel) in 1990. Problems with the eastern view:
  • didn't explain the problem of evil
  • many contradictions in the worldview
  • the goal of spiritual life was unsatisfactory
  • the New Age movement was just plain wacky

If I had been introduced to Catholicism or Orthodoxy instead, I likely would not have become Protestant.
Converted to Catholicism in 2002. Problems with Protestantism:
  • contradictions with biblical interpretations
  • no continuity with the early church (because the "church went bad")
  • annoyance with "hit-em-over-the-head" evangelism
  • emphasis on "christian-ese" (special language used by Christians)
  • annoyance with sermons
    • emphasis on getting everyone "saved" (even though most already were)
    • constant exhortations to be good (but the Holy Spirit dwells within and enlivens us to be good — I guess they didn't really believe it)
    • uneducated "surfer" lingo by preachers

If I had been introduced to Orthodoxy instead of Catholicism, I likely would have become Orthodox instead of Catholic.
Accepted Orthodoxy as authoritative in 2006. I discovered Orthodoxy and began to believe that both Catholicism and Orthodoxy (when in unity) are the truest expression of the church founded by Jesus. I had no basis for choosing one over the other even though both demand we choose. I remained in the Catholic camp.
Became an "Ecumenical" Christian in March, 2009. After studying church history in depth I concluded that corrupt, unbelieving, sinful bishops cannot be trusted to teach truth. I coined the term "Ecumenical Christian" — it means I accept all true Christians as brothers and sisters in the faith. No more religious wars for me.
Began calling for an One Apostolic Church of the Church in early 2011. As a "cafeteria" Catholic I accepted the foundational teachings of the early church but I rejected such Catholic ideas as:
  • immoral or unbelieving priests and bishops can teach the gospel
  • you must join the Catholic Church in addition to being baptized to receive the sacraments
  • Apostolic Succession
  • Papal infallibility
  • the Eucharist in Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches is invalid
  • contraception is a mortal sin
Recommitted to the Catholic Church July 16, 2012. The factors that pushed me into this:
  • Some Protestant Christians see no contradiction in thinking they are saved even though they are habitually committing mortal sin.
  • I could never accept core Protestant doctrines (Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura) and was therefore forever an outsider, rejected from fellowship.
  • Only the Catholic Church has preserved the correct view of the Eucharist including Eucharistic adoration. Other churches having the Eucharist have unacceptable baggage (Episcopalian: liberal. Lutheran: anti-Catholic.)
  • It is weird not being a member of any church.
  • Why would God choose me to be the only person in all of human history to have the correct view of everything?
Just a Christian as of October 29, 2012. In studying Catholic canon law, catechisms, papal encyclicals, and church councils, I realized I could no longer even pretend to be Catholic. The system is simply not true.