A brief religious chronology

Born in the USA 1952  
Atheist since birth Mom: agnostic. Dad: dumped Jesus for NASA, mocked religion, claimed science disproves God.
Devotee of eastern philosophy and yoga When a senior in high school, this sudden obsession possessed me; I finally signed-up to a spiritual community.
Got saved, born again, as an evangelical fundamentalist protestant (Calvary Chapel) 1990

Eastern worldview deficiencies...

  • can't explain evil (really no, EVIL is not merely GOOD in disguise)
  • oh so many contradictions
  • the ultimate goal is uninviting (merge into the One Mind anybody?)
  • new age movement is so wacky (do they know?)
Joined Catholicism 2002

Protestant "reformers" threw out both bad and good with...

  • contradictions of biblical interpretation
  • no continuity from early church (after the "church went bad" whenever)
  • annoying "hit-em-over-the-head" evangelism
  • that spooky weird language called "christian-ese"
  • annoying sermons...
    • get them all "saved" now (ignoring most already are)
    • "be good, christian sinners" (isn't the indwelling Holy Spirit doing his job?)
    • hey, surf's up dude, no need for education to preach, just mimic my sermons puppet-like...
Flipped from Catholic to other ever faster from 2006
Annoyed by false Protestant teaching and attitudes, horrified by Catholic corruptions and contradictions, always hoping to find a church home but rejected by all, ever caught in the middle.
Now just a Christian since October 29, 2012
Looking for a non-liberal, living, true Christian church home. Not so many where I live.

Progression of my Views

After converting to Christianity (to an evangelical fundamentalist Protestant non-denominational denomination), inquisitive curiosity gripped my spirit and truth called out — but so many inconsistencies and contradictions...

  1. Preachers and teachers call each other liars.
  2. Oh how many teachings don't match the Bible — not at all.
  3. Taking an opposing view, and I was ostracized.
  4. When finally learning of Catholicism, the problems vanished (but subsequent study reversed this.)

After Catholic, these various stages...

  1. At first accepting of Catholic teaching like a good Catholic robot, and striving to believe those seeming wrong (such as the papacy.)
  2. Slowly, I awoke to the distinctively Catholic perspective. Can't say I liked it.
  3. An ardent Catholic defender like all the others with head in clouds and sand, ultra-idealistic, brushing away serious objections, ignoring others,somehow untroubled by the pervert priests and their priest-shuffling bishops. I mocked Protestants with glee.
  4. But the inconsistencies and contradictions finally won out: the cardinals overseeing torture sessions and burning people at the stake, the languishing spiritual life of Catholics, the bishops assigning liberal and pervert priests on unsuspecting parishes.
  5. But, how could bishops who correctly discerned the canon of scripture and Nicene creed be wrong about the hierarchical and institutional aspects of the Church? The early church fathers had a consistent unified voice of the Catholic Church didn't they?
  6. Studying church historyand the early church fathersanswered all. The early church from day one confused itself and its converts. The high regard for bishops assumed holiness and the other biblical qualifications. But once these bishops mismatched with the ideal bishop — well, this should (but didn't) change things. Thus, bishops are not authoritative teachers and defenders of the faith if they fail to teach and defend orthodoxy, or care for the spiritual life of Christians, or fight back the wolves. Sadly, it got bad and stayed bad.
  7. I should not have finally studied actual Church documents (Catechisms, Canon Law, Papal Encyclicals, Councils)if I wanted to stay Catholic. I could not believe my eyes and ears, the absurdity in those documents for all the world to see.

My articles on North Forestgot written during all these various stages and tangled it all up in a spaghetti of points of view and perspectives. (For articles too mismatched, I've added a disclaimer.) It is not interesting in the slightest to untangle it all, this chronicle of my journey, so there it sits, awaiting the many loyal and devoted fans who have emailed such encouragement and making it all worthwhile.