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Visions Ideas of mine which are unique (or at least unusual or rare)
What is Truth? The Spiritual Journey of a Seeker of Truth
Relativism Are there absolute truths or is everything relative?
The Ramifications of Information Theory Can non-theistic evolution be supported by science itself?
It Must Be True Secular science assumes all that exists is matter, energy and the natural laws. But is this a well-reasoned assumption?
Biblical Archaeology David M. Rohl is a non-Christian archaeologist who has demonstrated from the archaeological evidence that the Bible is reliable as a historical document.
Hell Is hell really eternal torture?
Creationism Was the universe really created by God less than 15,000 years ago as some Christians claim?
Integrating Psychology and Christianity Is Christianity opposed to psychology?
Astrology What does the Christian faith and the Bible really teach about astrology?
Excerpts from Vatican II The most recent ecumenical council of the Catholic church. Excerpts about Divine revelation, ecumenism, religious freedom.
Development of Doctrine This article is an overview of the book, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, by John Henry Cardinal Newman, written in 1845. He discusses his Theory of Development of Doctrine.
Church Reform In every age the Catholic Church is in need of reform. But what kind of reform is needed?
Sola Scriptura (the Bible Only) Is the Bible all we need?
Faith vs. Works in Romans Are we really saved by faith alone (Sola Fide)?
Catholic Controversies Such topics as Galileo, etc.
Protestantism Such topics as Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, etc.
Philosophy My view of Philosophy; it is the study of the soul.
One Apostolic Church My conclusions about Christianity, the church, the truth. I explain to myself and the whole world what I believe and why.
Bible Commentaries My commentaries of Old and New Testament books.

For Seekers of Truth

My Testimony Testimony, Statement of Faith, Conversion.
God How to know what is true, about God, for Atheists and skeptics.
New Age Eastern religions & philosophy, the New Age movement.
Biblical Archaeology The evidence from archaeology confirms the truthfulness of the Bible.
Skepticism of Christianity Reasons given for why the Bible isn't trustworthy (I refute these), evidence for Christianity.
All Articles Hundreds of them.

For Christians (Protestant & Catholic)

Devotional How are Christians to live their lives?
Christian Living How are Christians to live their lives?
Christian Controversies Doctrine, Homeschool, Astrology, Biblical interpretation, House Church, Psychology, Morality and Ethics, Philosophy.
Church History Topics Index to many topics.
Church History Articles The good and the bad moments, development of doctrine, Protestant Reformation, the very early church.
My Music Songs and acoustic guitar pieces.
Social Science Moral Theology and Ethics / Cultural Topics / Religion.
Science & Creationism Various views.
Visions / My Views Ideas of mine which are unique (or at least unusual or rare).
Protestant Doctrine, theology
Catholic Many Topics.
Theology / Bible Index to many topics.
Catholic vs. Protestant Index to many topics.

Themes and Topics

  1. Draw closer to Jesus(it's all about Jesus)
  2. Reflect on infallibleChristian truth
  3. Study the Churchwhich is...
  4. Study the Bible(the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God)
  5. Christian teaching,doctrines, devotional life
  6. Moral theology
  7. Early Church history
  8. Church writings— the Bible,Early Church Fathers, and the first Seven Ecumenical Councils
  9. My unique ideas
  10. Catholic teachingand thought
  11. Catholic writings— from the Bible,Catechisms, Councils, Early Church Fathers, Papal Encyclicals, other

I ama devout, faithful, radically-saved, born-again, on-fire-for-the-Lord Christian. My articlesare loyal to Biblical and apostolic teaching.

I am all-too-happy to point out errors and silliness in Christian teaching and doctrine, especially those directly contradicting the Bible or having no basis in the early church. (I don't mock the Bible, of course, because it is the inspired, inerrant, and infallible word of God.)

I was Catholicwhen I wrote the many Catholic articles.But in researching and writing those articles I was forced to abandon it all. Does that mean I'm again Protestant? Well, no, actually.